Exaircise is a cross-cultural fitness program that draws on the common focus of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic exercise traditions.

One example of the Exaircise routines included in the comparative exercise chapter of Vitality Fusion is “The Shaker,” explained below and illustrated in the sidebar.

This exercise will help your body relax from the sacrum to your toes. Lie on your back and bend knees. Keep your neck long and chin in. There are three parts to this exercise. First, inhale and bring one knee to your chest. Use your hands to support your hamstring muscles. Second, start to exhale and flex your foot. Third, still exhaling, extend your heel up and find the place where your leg and thigh start to shake naturally. The more natural the shaking, the better it is for your back and hamstrings. Shake for 10 seconds or until your leg stops moving. It isn’t necessary to have your leg straight, if it naturally straightens, then fine. In the beginning, you may only feel the shaking in the calf. It will work its way from the calf, down the thigh and then into the sacrum area. Feel the supporting bent leg press firmly into the ground. Keep your hip area flat on the floor. This movement will relax your lower body. Do this exercise three times and then change sides.