May 30th, 2017

Introducing Magnet Therapy!

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Watching flowers bloom during springtime is always wonderful. Viewing tulips in full bloom this past spring at the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam was a joyous highlight of my life. Traveling there was certainly time intensive but I didn’t want jet lag to get in the way of this grand adventure. What did I do to prepare? I used magnet therapy to energize and reduce the jet lag. The simple magnet treatment really helped me feel present for walking through acres of awesome beauty.

Magnet therapy is so easy to use. Treatment begins by first referencing the acupuncture microsystem of the hand to decide what needs attention, and then placing small yet powerful magnets on specific hand locations using a skin adhesive tape.

According to Acupuncture Today, magnet therapy will reestablish the dynamic flow of the electromagnetic energy in your body. Most biological functions are regulated by electromagnetic signals. Two examples where this occurs are the ferromagnetic property of blood or the electrically charged mineral salts found in ions.

More will be heading your way on how magnet therapy can support and increase your vitality! Watch this blog for future posts!


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